Friday, November 20, 2009

Time for my latest update and this may be both an observation of super villains and a little self introspection. I would also like to say that i've been off the cetalopran for about three weeks now so this may come off as a little melancholy. As an aspiring real world super villain, and a student of comic book super villains, i find myself asking questions about where the hatred for others comes from. Now to be clear i delved a great deal in understanding super villain anger and motivation, but hatred escaped me. Super villains hate those around them. But why, and i link this to there histories and behavior super villains dont start out hard men they begin a sensative and caring people naturally empathic to those around them, the problem is that empathy can be a negative and over the course of a lifetime damage the mind. Highly empathic people notice, feel, and inturnalize the pain and sadness of those around them. And this constant feeling of others pain can make finding happiness in ones own life more difficult. This inability to find happiness through the percieved fault of those around you can breed a disdain for others because their missery becomes your's. No two characters experience this pain more clearly then doom and ozmandius. As i am writing this on my phone i think i've said enough for now and will finish in a later post please keep in mind this may be more self introspection and projection then analysis. Please post back my loyal readers and let me hear your opinions.

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